Everyday care for intimate parts

Everyday care for intimate parts

It is important to note that regular soaps and shower gels are not convenient for everyday care of intimate areas.

Regular soaps are alkaline, so they jeopardize the slightly acidic pH balance of intimate parts.

The average pH value of vagina is between 3.8 and 4.2. X-Epil Intimo intime hygiene products help in maintaining the normal pH level thanks to their substances.

Its Lactic Acid preserves the natural pH value of the sensitive, intimate areas. It ensures a fresh, healthy feeling, while it gently cleans and reliably protects. Use it at home, while travelling, during period or any time you need some freshness and care.  Recommended for every skin type.

  •     calming, caring, refreshing 
  •     Aloe Vera and Camomile extract 
  •     Lactic Acid maintains the natural pH value 
  •     In pack of 20 pcs. 
  •     Tissue size: 150 x 200 mm 
  •     ph 4,6     

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