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1. Owner and website

This web site is owned and operated by ALVEOLA Ltd. (1143 Budapest, Gizella út 28 / a).

By entering the webpage you acknowledge the following conditions and points, and accept its provisions.

We would like to inform you that ALVEOLA Ltd. can change the information and conditions of use of the website without any further notice.

2. Information and content

We are constantly updating and improving the technical content and structure of our site. ALVEOLA LTD. does not assume any responsibility for any content or technical errors on the webpage. ALVEOLA LTD. does not assume any responsibility for direct or indirect, consequential, business or other loss or damages arising from the use of the website (and its integral parts), 

3. Web links and contacts

For the convenience of our partners and visitors and to easily navigate the web, we placed links on the web pages that point to other companies’ sites. ALVEOLA Ltd. does not assume any responsibility for the information, privacy practices or content reached through these links.

4. E-mails

By using the web site the user agrees to ALVEOLA Ltd. using  the e-mails sent from you (without the sender's name and address), for promotional work. The user also agrees to ALVEOLA Ltd. publishing users’ e-mails or parts of users’ emails on the internet or in other media.

5. Copyright and regulations

Materials, texts, images, advertising, artwork, trademarks, logos published on our website are the personal property or contractual rights of ALVEOLA Ltd.. Thus, the material on the web pages is copyrighted. Using any content of the Website is only legal with the written consent of ALVEOLA Ltd.. Copying of materials, using the materials for business purposes, transfer, processing and modification of the contents are strictly prohibited.

Conduct that makes it difficult or impossible to use the website is prohibited (including email and chat programs). These include any software, tools, viruses, spamming and other activities in this area.

During registration on our website it is illegal and prohibited to provide false information about yourself or your company. It is also illegal to register under an alias. 


User needs to follow Hungarian law and Hungarian data protection law when using our website.  Any kind of claim is valid only in Hungary.


This web site is owned and operated by ALVEOLA Ltd. (1143 Budapest, Gizella út 28 / a).

During registration on our website we handle your personal data carefully. If you register on our website by entering your personal information or log in, you understand and contribute to the management and use of information as described below.

1. Use and safety of personal data

Alveola Ltd. takes reasonable measures to protect the recorded data and prevent unauthorized access or unauthorized use of that data. Persons designated by the Alveola Ltd. have access to the data, with the objectives set out below.

2. Our criteria for data collection

  • sending E-mail or postal mail with information according to your interests (e.g. new products, promotions, etc.).
  • product surveys, club membership
  • prizes or lotteries
  • services and products, to assess the needs of the development of the site
  • develop loyalty membership, frequent visitors preferences
  • to increase the effectiveness of advertising and marketing activities
  • easier and faster identification of a purchase order or a customer

3. About the data provided

During registration the required information is generally the following: first and last name or company name, e-mail address, telephone number and postal contact information; you will also be asked about the websites you wish to use (e.g. profession, hobbies, interests). Registration is not mandatory; you can decide whether you wish to use this option or not.

If Alveola Ltd. resells its commercial database, the buyer third party is legally obliged to use the data protection laws and regulations and protect the data.

Alveola Ltd. cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from the destruction or damage of the database. Alveola Ltd. does not assume any responsibility for any real or false data provided by another party (e.g. young children, persons under guardianship, etc.).

4. Deletion of data

You can request the deletion of data on the website link or contact page. If you are registered in several ways, each registration must be deleted separately. If you request deletion of your data and there is a dispute, you have to credibly demonstrate that there was communication regarding the matter between you and the Ltd.

You can change or update your details on the registration page.

5. Other electronic information

During your visit on our web site we can also collect electronic or technical information for general web statistics. These are e.g. cookies, domain names and related information. You can modify restrict or prohibit this by changing your computer's Internet settings accordingly.

ALVEOLA Ltd. declares that this privacy policy can be amended at any time, without any further notice.

Redress for data management: National Data Protection and Freedom of Information http://www.naih.hu/elerhetosegeink.html

Please note the changes in the data management requirements that you can find at http://www.naih.hu.

Our Privacy Policy Registration number: 04759-0001


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