Operational Instructions for Wax System

Operational Instructions for Wax System

This latest generation wax system with a roller makes it comfortable to depilate any waxable part of the body.


Always check the sensitivity of your skin. Put your thumb on the side of your jaw-bone.

Keep your thumb firmly in place and start moving it in a circular motion. If the area gets red, use X-epil wax with Azulene (Sensitive) or the one with Titanium Dioxide (Hypersensitive). (The only cartridge available for X-epil Happy roll set is the 50 ml Aloe Vera enriched Wax Cartridge with Wide Roller)


  • For full removal, your hair must be at least 2–3 mm long on your legs and body.
  • After waxing avoid applying soap, make-up or per fume on the treated areas.
  • During winter time, allow your skin to warm up to room temperature before starting to wax. In the summer, allow your skin to cool off and fully wipe the sweat off your skin.
  • Using wax directly before bathing or showering may cause irritation on the skin. Is it recommended not to take a bath or shower directly before waxing. Avoid exposure of newly waxed skin to direct sunlight for at least 24 hours after waxing.
  • DO NOT APPLY WAX to the skin in the following sensitive areas or conditions: inside of the nose or ears, the nipples, eyelids, skin that is irritated, has cuts, warts, verrucae or other outgrowths, birthmarks or moles or is sunburnt. Do not apply wax to your skin with newly healed wounds or close to the genital areas.
  • DO NOT USE WAX if you are pregnant, have diabetes, varicose veins, phlebitis or any other skin condition. Ask your doctor if you are not sure what to do.


  • you apply two layers of wax.
  • you apply your next strip overlapping newly waxed areas.
  • you press the cartridge against the skin and apply a layer of wax that is too thick.
  • the temperature of your wax is inconvenient.

Doing any of the above you not only will waste wax but you will also risk irritating your skin as well as the successful outcome of your waxing procedure.


using products containing Alpha Hydroxide and/or Glycolic Acid, pregnancy, diabetes, heart problems, varicose veins, circulatory problems, epilepsy, cuts and bruises, skin conditions and rashes, birthmarks, moles, edema, newly healed wounds (within 3 months), hypersensitive skin, as well as in the area of the breasts and 24 hours before or after sunbathing. Adolescents may only use the product under supervision.


(Use the Sensitive wax cartridge with medium roller supplied with the X-Epil Evolution wax system.)

Use scissors to cut off long or curly hair to approx. 1 cm before waxing. Do the waxing of your bikini line section by section, always in the direction of hair growth. The appearance of a small amount of blood in your pores is normal. When waxing the first section, bend your knee and turn your leg sideways while keeping your knees bent. For the waxing of the next section, bend knee and pull it up to your chest. This will pull your skin taut, making the procedure more comfortable.

(Use wax cartridge with wide roller.)

Front of leg: Apply a thin layer of wax starting below the knees and proceeding toward the right for both legs. Now turn your legs lightly to the other side, this time applying the wax toward the left, and pull it off. (This helps prevent wax from getting onto the chair, making the procedure cleaner and faster.) Have your knees slightly bent while waxing the area of the knees. 
Back of leg: pull your foot upwards. This pulls the skin taut on the back of your lower leg. Apply wax in the direction of hair growth starting with one leg, then proceeding with the next.

(Use wax cartridge with wide roller.)

Starting with the higher parts of your upper legs, apply wax section by section, checking the direction of hair  growth for each section. This area of the skin is often very elastic and soft so you need to pay special attention to make sure you hold your skin as taut as possible to minimize discomfort resulting from the procedure. 

(Use wax cartridge with wide or medium roller.)

For the waxing of the lower arm, use wax cartridge with wide roller. Apply wax in the direction of hair growth. For the waxing of the hand, use wax cartridge with medium roller.

(Use wax cartridge with medium and wide roller.)

Bend your arm and put your hand below your head pulling the skin area of the underarm taut, making it easier to pull off the wax. You may notice that the hair in this area grows in two or more directions. Always apply wax in the direction of hair growth. Use scissors to cut off long or curly hair to approx. 1 cm before waxing. Make sure your underarms are completely dry and free of sweat. Hold your skin taut. Pull strip off with the fastest motion possible, parallel to the skin. Do not use antiperspirants (deodorants) for at least 12 hours after waxing. When waxing this area, the appearance of a small amount of blood in your pores is normal.


  • This waxing procedure can also be applied by men. Today, waxing is popular not only among body-builders, cyclists, swimmers, dancers but it has become a part of our daily hygiene.
  • For waxing the back follow the same procedure as for the other parts of the body. Apply wax in the direction of hair growth and pull it off backwards.


1. Clean the surface to be waxed. 

Purpose: removal of greasy spots, dead skin cells, sweat and bacteria.

2. The application of talcum powder 

Dust talcum powder onto the surface to be treated. Purpose: Absorption of humidity and making hair stand up. It is essential to use talcum powder each time before waxing. This will minimize your discomfort and maximize hair removal.

3. Application of wax

Apply wax lightly (in a thin layer) in the direction of hair growth. Pulling off a thin layer of wax is both easier and more economical.

4. Use of the depilatory strip

Whisk and press depilatory strip onto the wax as soon as wax is applied onto the skin.

5. Pulling off the strip

Pull the strip off with a single gentle but fast move, in the opposite direction of the hair growth, at right angles to the skin. This makes hair removal efficient. Pulling off the strip incorrectly will irritate your skin and cause injury as well as it will not fully remove hair roots resulting in hair growing under the skin.


Use of after wax cleansing oil

This light oil removes any traces of wax left on the skin after depilation. Due to its wheat germ content it not only cleanses but also hydrates your skin. Massage slowly into the skin, then wipe off any excess. Use this product also when cleaning the rollers after each treatment. Mild irritation following waxing is normal and should pass shortly afterwards. The surface of the skin may temporarily become red, puffy, discolored or irritated. In order to avoid possible irritation and for the soothing of the skin, use X-epil calming gel.


The wax system may only be cleaned using the cleansing oil specifically sold with it or possibly with gasoline.


In case the wax cartridge is not fully emptied by the end of use, the roller should be cleaned using X-epil after wax cleansing oil to allow the cartridge to be used again for the next application.


More than mild irritation may result from:

  • Your hair was too short for the waxing procedure to work.
  • The depilatory off strips were pulled off too slowly as opposed to pulling them off with one firm move, parallel to the skin (not at right angles).
  • Non-elastic areas were not pulled taut enough.
  • After applying the wax you failed to immediately put on and press down the depilatory strips for 3-4 seconds in the direction of hair growth to ensure it sticks firmly enough before pulling it off.
  • When applying the wax you did not apply it in the direction of hair growth, or when pulling off the strip you did not pull it off in the opposite direction.
  • Too much wax was applied. This can happen if the cartridge is pressed against the skin or if you go over the same area several times repeatedly as opposed to applying the wax with a single pulling motion.
  • The wax was not hot enou gh.
  • The wax system was not moved in the proper direction.



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