Which should I choose?

Which should I choose?

On the left side of the X-Epil home page you will find our useful product selector which helps you to choose among the X-Epil hair removal products. Which fits you the best depends on how experienced you are in hair removal, which body parts you would like to care, if you have sensitive or normal skin and what solution is important for you. In the maze of depilation we would like to give you some useful advice with the following instructions. 

Hair removal cream

  • Body part: Use it mainly on legs and arms. As the bikini line and the underarm are very sensitive, we highly recommend a sensitivity test before using. Do not use it on the face and intimate parts.
  • Advantage: Simple, quick and painless procedure.
  • Disadvantage: It can lead to allergy on the sensitive skin. Depending on individuals, it is effective for 1-2 week(s).

Cold wax strips

  • Body part: Applicable anywhere safely, on face, body, bikini line and underarm, depending on size.
  • Advantage: Practical, quick and long-lasting procedure. Ready-to-use, easy-to-use and hygienic. It removes hair roots so the result is a perfectly smooth skin for several weeks.
  • Disadvantage: It can be painful, its success is subject to hair length.  Possible side effects: hair ingrowth, rash. 

WAX cartridge kits

  • Body part: Cartridges with large roller heads which must be stood in warm water or warmed in microwave oven. Applicable on any body parts.
  • Advantage: An effective procedure that you can carry out at home safely. It removes hair roots so the result is a perfectly smooth skin for several weeks.
  • Disadvantage: It can be painful, its success depends on the temperature of the wax cartridge, and care should be taken not to burn yourself.  Possible side effects: hair ingrowth, rash.

Waxing machines

  • Body part: These waxing machines were especially developed for use at home. Due to their design they allow easy waxing. Applicable: on every body part (from underarms to bikini areas or on the face) depending from the rolling head size of the wax cartridge in the wax machine. The large roller head is for waxing any part of  the body, the medium roller head for underarms and bikini area waxing, and the mini roller head is for waxing the face and intimate areas.
  • Advantage: One of the most long-lasting procedures that you can carry out at home safely. It removes hair roots so the result is a perfectly smooth skin for several weeks. The wax cartridge does not need to be removed from the device during waxing, so the device protects your hands from the hot cartridge and keeps the wax in the cartridge warm for longer.
  • Disadvantage: It can be painful, mainly on sensitive areas. Observe the basic rules of waxing! Possible side effects: hair ingrowth, rash.


  • Body part: Applicable on any body parts
  • Advantage: Shaving is one of the fastest, easiest and most convenient hair removal methods. It is an easy and pain-free method which is best done during a shower.
  • Disadvantage: Must be repeated often, just as well after 2-3 days.


Do not forget the following rules if you choose any of the hair removal procedures: 

  • Never remove hair from an injured skin surface.
  • To be effective, skin may not be fatty and sweaty.
  • Make sure that hair length is appropriate.
  • Always use soothing cream after hair removal.
  • Keep out of tanning salons and avoid sunbathing after hair removal.
  • Use the razor carefully if you choose shaving.
  • Use only your own razor with respect to hygiene.

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